Fly Jetson ONE in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024




Jetson ONE: Your Ultimate Virtual Flight Experience Reaches New Heights in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 where you will be able to fly the Jetson ONE!

We understood that Microsoft wanted to demonstrate their big leap forward in terrain rendering and was looking for a low flying aerial vehicle to showcase that capability. Jetson ONE is the perfect aircraft to achieve this goal, and super fun to fly as well!

Join the aviation adventure in this groundbreaking simulator developed for Xbox Series X|S and PC. The highly realistic and visually stunning flight simulation experience will allow aviation enthusiasts to explore the world and fly the Jetson ONE virtual for the first time in breathtaking detail. With advanced technology and accurate attention to detail, prepare to be blown away! Watch the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 - Announce Trailer - 4K!

Analyzing the Jetson ONE characteristics has been an essential aspect in providing an accurate and immersive experience in the game.

In order to accurately scan the Jetson ONE the Microsoft team covered the vehicle with a lot of tracking stickers. This guarantees a super accurate model. As you can imagine, this took a long time to both set-up, and remove.

We also put great effort in recording the in-flight sound from the Jetson ONE to make sure you get an authentic experience.

We were really excited to see the results. Leveraging 3D scanning technology and authentic noise recordings, Microsoft and Jetson's engineering team has achieved exceptional accuracy and realism, making you feel like you're actually flying the Jetson ONE in real life.

Stay tuned for more updates on Jetson and the upcoming official release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024...

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You will be able to fly the Jetson ONE in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024!
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