Blade Runner Spinners: A Glimpse into the Future of Flight.




What eventually became a reality for the eVTOL industry in 2011, was first represented in Blade Runner, a sci-fi movie directed by Ridley Scott in 1982. The plot of the movie was set in 2019, Los Angeles, with much attention paid to Officer Rick Deckard — a police officer who hunted down illegal bioengineered humanoids called ‘replicants’, —and his flying car nicknamed “spinner”. The spinner gives us a glimpse into what the future would look like if we had flying cars. With many similarities to the features of the existing models of flying cars, the spinner travels on both land and in the air in record timing, covering short distances within Los Angeles and long journeys to other cities like San Diego.

In 1982 when the movie was released, eVTOL was a mere fantasy and a super-secret industry with various models of electronic helicopters being tested. The industry eventually experienced much success after the first eVTOL, project zero, surfaced in June 2011. Like in the sequel, ‘Blade Runner 2049’, helicopters can now take off electronically with the eVTOL designed to be flown manned or unmanned by a pilot.

It has been our mission to bring flying cars into reality and available to everyone, with the dream to make ‘everyone a pilot.’ Our prototype was developed in late 2017. We put safety at the forefront of everything and after much testing, development and flight computer programming, we successfully ran a manned flight on the 28th February 2018.

With our ultra-simple flight control system we were sure that everyone could be a pilot. What was once only considered science-fiction is now very much a reality and available direct to the consumer.

This fulfills the dream behind creating the eVTOL which was to build an electric helicopter that could save time during take-off and landing, travel within an urban environment within minutes. A typical representation of how people made their way around cities in Blade Runner, by driving around in flying cars.

Indeed the spinners have given us a great representation of what air transport in the future would look like. With the release of the Jetson ONE during the late spring of 2020 our futuristic design, a step up from the design of the spinner has created a step into the future and brought sci fi dreams into reality. To see the Jetson ONE in action, click on this link

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What eventually became a reality for the eVTOL industry in 2011, was first represented in Blade Runner, a sci-fi movie directed by...
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